Bison Dele’ Missing Case: Who was Bison’ Brother? Miles Dabord, What Happened to Biston’s Brother?

American Professional Basketball player, Bison Dele’ dead body was reported thrown into the middle of the Pacific Ocean and was never found.

Bison Dele is also known as Brian Carson Williams. For eight years he played in the NBA. During that time he represented different franchises like Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic among others.

He retired his occupation when he was 30 years old which came as a surprise to everyone.
His missing case was disclosd that he was thrown into the middle of the ocean after it made headlines. This happened years later after he left Piston.

He was revealed dead by his brother after he was nowhere to be found.

Was Bison Dele Ever Found?

Bison Dele was never found after his body was thrown into the middle of the ocean.
He went on a vacation with his girlfriend and skipper Bertrand Saldo after which he got missing.

Many people searched for the althete but neither his body or the bodies of others that followed him was found.
Brian went missing with his girlfriend and friend.

According to Wikipedia, he went on for a good time in a private boat with the other two members in the sea.

The only survivor that went on the vacation and came back was Miles Dabord, Brian’s brother. Although it was rumoured that Miles killed the three.

Investigations were carried where Miles was seen forging his brother’s signature to get money. However, he was reportedly overdosed on insulin which led to his coma, he died in the process after he revealed his part of the Biston’s missing.

Miles claimed that Biston’s girlfriend was accidentally died when her head hit the part of the boat after he and brother fought with her.

The friend Saldo had the intention of reporting to the police but Bison killed him.

However Dabord shot his brother in defense according to reports.

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