Callum Ferris Davies Arrested! Ellenbrook Man Charged, Why Was He Arrested

25-year-old Callum Ferris Davies was reportedly arrested and charged to court for sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl from Ellenbrook in Perth’s north-eastern suburbs.

Police alleged the man entered the girl’s home about 12.30am on Monday and sexually assaulted her in her bed while her parents and sibling slept in rooms nearby.

The alleged assault was only reported to police when the girl told her parents what had happened in the morning.

Callum Ferris Davies was taken into custody about 5:30pm yesterday, just hours after police released CCTV footage showing a man climbing over a wall into a backyard near the victim’s home just before the attack happened. It was revealed that, he allegedly assaulted the small girl when she was sleeping in her home in Perth.

The man has been charged with sexual penetration of a child aged 13 or younger, indecent dealings with a child aged 13 or younger, deprivation of liberty, impeding a person’s normal breathing by blocking their nose or mouth, impeding a person’s normal breathing or blood circulation by applying pressure to their neck and aggravated home burglary.

The matter was adjourned until January 27, when Mr Davies will reappear in Midland Magistrates Court.