Charleston SC Kate Waring Murder Update: Who is Ethan Mack?

Ethan Mack files a plea to avoid a possible life sentence weeks before his retrial for the murder of Kate Waring.

He does not admit guilt but believes a jury will convict him so Mack entered an Alford Plea to Voluntary manslaughter.

He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for Waring’s drowning death at his James Island condominium in 2009.

Scarlett Wilson, the prosecutor, accepted the plea and said the main witness, Heather Kamp suffers from bipolar disorder and lied to police about the case making her unreliable.

Kate’s father, Tom Waring, spoke at the hearing, saying that his family is devastated by their daughter’s loss and that the only consolation they have is that she is at peace.

However, Waring’s Father thanked Mack for taking responsibility.

Charleston SC Kate Waring Murder Update

After, Kamp met Kate Waring on a train going for Charleston, South Carolina. They became close friends. Kate later introduced Kamp to Mack. Kamp and Mack had an on and off relationship.

Detectives questioned Mack at his mother’s home on Johns Island, west of downtown Charleston. He said on June 12 he and Waring had dinner with his fiancé, Heather Kamp, to celebrate Kamp’s pregnancy. They dropped Waring off at home around 11 p.m.
Kamp made Mack believed she was a child to exploit money from him.

According to evidence, Mack dared Waring to climb inside a bag at his house.
Mack subdued Waring with a stun gun before slamming her over the head with a wine bottle and dragging her body into a bathtub full of water. Her body was then dumped in the woods.

Mack tried to cash $4,509 check from Waring’s bank account but there was insufficient funds days after Kate’s death.
Kamp claimed mental illness while pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 45 years imprisonment.

After pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter and adopting an Alford Plea, Mack was sentenced to 25 years in prison
He was found guilty of obstruction of justice and forgery charges by jurors last July, and he was sentenced to ten years in prison for obstruction and five years for forgery.

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