Is Mary Crockett and Chris Harless Death a Murder or Suicide Case? Obituary News

24-year-old Mary Dawn Crockett and her entangled husband Christopher Paul Harless who is 25-year-old was confirmed dead on Thursday. Police believe this was part of a murder-suicide incident in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Mary Crockett, 24, was a former inmate at the Western Regional Jail. She was a prisoner. Likewise, Chris, aka Christopher Paul Harless, worked as a corrections officer. He used to work there when Mary and Chris’s love story blossomed. The pair are secretly having an affair.

As per the source, Mary faced alleged charges for the malicious- wound at that time, and she was under custody, Herald-Dispatch reported.

Authorities transferred Mary to a place for youthful offenders in Greenbrier County. Their romance continued there as well. Chris wrote a letter to Mary like a pen pal, Chris’s mother Tina Brooks said.

Nevertheless, Mary’s relationship with him turned into an unstable relationship with issues and arguments.

Mary Crockett and Chris Harless were never married but only engage and preparing for their wedding ceremony before their relationship turn into a violent one which leads to murder-suicide situation.

It has not been confirmed yet, who shot the other first between the two couple. According to their Obituary, the couple was survived by a young kid.

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