Little Dead Boy Found in the Suitcase: Who is the Boy? Indiana Police

It is still mysterious how no one ever complained of a boy or seek to find the dead boy that was found in suitcase last month.

Last month, around Southern Indiana a small boy’s body was found in a suitcase. However his body is yet to be identified.

The police report started that ‘A mushroom hunter on April 16 found the remains in a hard-shell suitcase — which “has a distinctive Las Vegas design on its front and back” — in Washington County, in the 7000 block of East Holder Road.”

Investigation is still ongoing to know the little boy’s identity as no one is yet to claim him.
The police are trying to justify and search with the probable age of the boy which is between 5 and 8.

According to Indiana State Police Sgt. Carey he said,“For some reason, nobody’s noticing that he’s missing. Well why would that be? It could be somebody who’s not from this country,” Huls told the outlet. “We’re not precluding anything like that. … So we have to ask ourselves, how can a young boy go missing and nobody know that he’s missing? … It’s very troubling.”

The boy found according to the police was a black boy. His age should be 5 years.
The boy is described to be a sender and 4 feet with short hair.

Since April 19, toxicology results were still pending his cause it yet to be known after autopsy was done as stated by report.

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