Manchester Old Man Stabbed to Death, John Glennon: Suspect Identified, Stephanie Beard

For the death of a Manchester man, John Glennon arrest warrant has been issued for a woman Stephanie Beard this Saturday morning.

Stephanie is 5’2” tall, with brown hair and hazel eyes.
For causing the death of 71-year-old John, 34-year-old Stephanie has been charged with second degree murder.

According to officials, On Friday morning, John’s Body was found inside the Carpenter Center apartment complex on Franklin Street.

John is believed to have been Stabbed with a knife in the morning.
Although, the police did not disclose what was between John and Beard.

According to report by the police “Beard was also charged with theft by unauthorized taking for stealing Glennon’s silver Subaru Impreza and was last seen heading south on Route 293 in the Manchester area driving that vehicle.”

Car Stephanie Beard stole after killing John Glennon
Car Stephanie Beard stole after killing John Glennon

After killing John, it was reported that Beard stole John’s car.
According to Investigators “Stephanie has several tattoos, including a Sonic the Hedgehog character and “Sonic” Elijah on her left hand, a star on her left shoulder, a star and a heart on her chest, and a Tinkerbell character on her back.”

It has been announced by the police that Stephanie when seen should be reported right away to the police as she is dangerous and armed.

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