Ryan Duke And Tara Grinstead’s Relationship: Ryan Duke Not Guilty, Sentence Update – Who Is Bo Dukes?

Ryan Duke and Tara Grinstead’s seem not to have any relationship apart from knowing each other. Their relationship is yet to be confirmed.

Tara was last seen alive in October 2005, Ryan Duke was however found not guilty of Tara Grinstead’s murder.

Ryan and his former best friend Bo Dukes were standing trial for the murder of Tara until recently when a jury found Ryan not guilty of the murder.

Reports revealed that Ryan testified it was actually Bo Dukes who killed her.
He said Bo recruited him to help burn the body but before they carried that out, Bo fondled the corpse.

According to the Atlanta Journal constitution, Previously, Ryan had told the GBI he killed an Irwin County teacher and helped burn her body but changed his statement on the stand.

Details On Ryan Duke And Tara Grinstead’s Relationship

Ryan Duke and Tara Grinstead never had any direct relationship. But Tara was the then-girlfriend of Bo Dukes who was best friends with Ryan Duke according.

Through their mutual friend No, Ryan and Tara knew each other through but they never had any other direct connection.

Sometimes after she was last seen on October 22, 2005, Prosecutors said that Ryan broke into Grinstead.
As confirmed by the law and crime, Grinstead, a teacher at Ryan’s former school, Irwin High School, is believed to have walked in on him burglarizing her residence, and he fatally struck her.

Initially, Ryan was alleged to have a sexual relationship with Tara but he denied it since the first day of the trial.

Is Ryan Duke Not Guilty?

Through a jury recently, Ryan Duke was found not guilty of Tara Grinstead’s murder.

But, he was found guilty of concealing the death of Tara. Among his six charges which include Malice Murder, Felony Murder, Murder, Aggravated assault, Burglary, and Concealing the death of another, he was found guilty of concealing the death of another and not guilty of all other charges.

Ryan confessed that Bo had said he killed Tara but did not know exactly how the murder took place.


In 2017, Ryan confessed to investigators in that he got Bo to help burn the body. But he has changed his claims, he said that it was Bo, his former schoolmate, who killed Grinstead, and it was Bo who asked Ryan to help burn the body.

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