Sarah Washington Murder Case Update: What happened to Rex Frank Kankakee

On Friday Rex Frank Kankakee, a convicted killer for the June 2014 killing of Sarah Washington at her Kankakee home was given a life sentence.

This morning, the County courtroom launched forty years in jail for Rex Frank. He will spend time throughout the Illinois Department of Corrections.

In April 2104, Rex Frank was arrested answerable for automotive hijacking that led to the capturing deaths of two people and one theft attempt.

What Happened To Rex Frank Kankakee?

For murdering Sarah Washington, Rex Frank Kankakee was arrested by Illinois Police Department.

He is in the period of serving life imprisonment.

25 years old aspiring model Sarah was found murdered by Frank. Her body was found by an in depth cousin after she was shot in her house.

Along with Rian Maiden’s murder in 2104, the murderer claimed that the Kankakee County Circuit Court broke the laws by releasing information from assorted killings.

Rex’s trial was disapproved by the courtroom and his imprisonment was confirmed.

According to Courtroom’s ruling, he appealed for trial by trying to find more information.

Sarah Washington Murder Convict

Rex Frank was sentenced 45 years in jail after he was convicted for the murder of Sarah Washington.

With two bullet shot at head, Sarah Washington was found dead in her mattress room.

The first suspect was her boyfriend Greg Dismuke but the Police dropped the case in his direction since there was no proof.

But Greg’s frieo, Rex Frank appeared to be the suspect all through investigations carried out by the Police officers.

Rex told officials that he returned home on the morning of the murder. But he was recorded on CCTV parking into the automobile parking space.

He however agreed to the murder of Sarah Washington during the investigations.
After which he took Sarah’s Atm and withdrew the money to buy jewelry for the girl he was dating.

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