Tasila Lungu GBM Arrested; Reason for Arrest and Charges Explained

Ms. LUNGU who is Former President EDGAR LUNGU’s daughter arrived at the DEC office at around 09:00 after she was summoned on allegations of money laundering.

The interrogations took slightly over an hour at the Commission’s Lusaka Province office.

Ms. LUNGU was accompanied by her Lawyer from MAKEBI ZULU advocates, her husband PATRICK MWANSA, Mpika Member of Parliament FRANCIS KAPYANGA and Nakonde MP LUCAS SIMUMBA.

Why Was Tasila Lungu Arrested?

Tasila Lungu, former President Edgar Lungu’s daughter was arrested for interrogations by the Drug Enforcement Commission Money Laundering Unit.

She is recently elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Chawama, Zambia.

Tasila came to the Commission’s Lusaka headquarters this morning, accompanied by her husband Patrick and Mpika Member of Parliament Francis Kampyanga.

The interrogations at the Commission’s Lusaka Province office lasted slightly more than an hour. Attempts to gain a response from Ms. LUNGU or her lawyer were useless since they chose to remain silent as they walked out of the building.

According to Diamond TV, the Commission did not question her since one of the DEC officers is apparently ill.

Mrs. Tasila Mwansa is scheduled to appear again on Friday, June 10, 2022.

Netizens admire Ms. Tasila as a young and determined politician, and they are seeking justice for her. She is referred to as the mother of Chawama for all the sacrifices she has done for them.

Tasila Lung, a parliament member for Chawama was summoned before DEC on suspicion of money laundering. The investigation is currently taking place and the details will be followed soon after her next appearance on Friday, June 10.

She was suspended after she contested the budget debate on Head 101 in December last year. Since it violated the constitution as it was extracted from an ancient text.

Tasila, on the other hand, said she had no remorse about being suspended for supporting the constitution since one cannot work outside the rules of the nation.

Mulenga Fube, a Chilubi MP, said he was more determined to protect the constitution every time it was violated in parliament, even if it meant risking arrest.

On March 15, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Attractor Chisangano, suspended PF MPs for 30 days, which concluded on April 13. She was suspended for violating parliamentary privileges, citing section 22 of the Powers and Privileges Act.

Ms. Mwansa stated in an interview that being suspended to defend the constitution was the proper thing to do. She stated that Zambians elected them to parliament to preserve the law, which they did without hesitation.

“We defended the constitution because it was the proper thing to do; you cannot function outside of the constitution; people sent us to parliament to protect the constitution, and that is what we did,” Ms. Mwansa added.

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