Tyger Booty Death: IG Model, Tyger Booty Found Dead in Ghana

Tyger Booty Death – An American model, popularly known as Tyger Booty was reportedly found dead in a hotel room in Ghana. It was further revealed that, she went to Ghana to chill with her Ghanaian Billionaire.

Tyger was flown into the country by this mysterious Ghanaian billionaire for a ‘paid vacation’, which we assume is code for something far more egregious.

It seems Tyger was supposed to be a ‘runs girl’ to probably attend the parties thrown by this rich man and his friends during the holiday season. Unfortunately, Tyger Booty was found dead in her hotel room in Accra.

The cause of her death is unknown – although initial rumours claimed she might have had a drug overdose or committed suicide. Those reports were quickly shut down as no credible evidence popped up.

Some netizens on social media claim her death might have been the result of foul play. The billionaire in question has yet to be identified but it’s alleged he has strong ties to the ruling NPP.

As to his identity, your guess is as good as ours in this case so guess away! Just think of a billionaire who loves organizing parties filled with high end slay queens during the Christmas season!

According to the friend, Tyger’s death could not have been caused by drugs since she wasn’t a user. Moreover, the exotic model did not drink alcohol.

The friend also ruled out suicide, claiming that, in fact, “she was trying to come home.”

“All the lies being told about her serve zero purpose. So, please stop. No matter what lie you told or decide to tell next, nothing will change who she was as a person, as a mother, as a sister and as a friend. To have known her was to have loved her and anyone spewing anything besides the love she brought into this world can absolutely kick rocks, play in traffic and go to hell,” Stalutti-Jones wrote.

With questions still lingering about what exactly happened to Tyger, Stalutti-Jones hinted at the fact that the exotic model may have been harmed by someone.

“To whoever hurt her, hell has a palot (sp) with your name on it. What’s done in the dark will always come to light,” she warned.

Ghanian authorities have, thus far, made no public statements about the death of Tyger and, as things stand, no formal investigation has been launched — or, at least, none that we are aware of.

Tyger is survived by her daughter.

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