What happened to Candy Montgomery? Is Candy Montgomery a true life story? How old was Betty Gore before she died?

On June 13, 1980, kindergarten teacher Betty Gore was killed inside her home at Dogwood Street by her neighbour Candy Montgomery.

She was killed by her neighbour Candy Montgomery, which shocked people.
The upcoming true life story drama titled “candy’ will reveal what happened in the murder incident.

Betty Gore Biography & Wikipedia: Why Did Candy Montgomery killed Betty?

Betty Gore was born in a small Kansas town and moved to Texas with her family when she was a child. Betty was a well-liked girl in school, with a lively and outgoing personality.

She met Allan Gore, who worked as a teaching assistant, in one of her classes. They started dating in 1970 and eventually married. Betty became a high school teacher in Collin County after their first daughter was born.

Betty and Allan lived next door to Candy Montogmery. Both neighbours were close friends who spent a lot of time together. When Betty discovered Candy was having an affair with her husband, things became strained. Betty confronted Candy about their affair, leading to an altercation and the event.

One tragic evening in June 1980, Allan requested his next-door neighbour, Richard Parker, to check on Betty, and Parker discovered her dead with 41 axe wounds.

Her head and torso had been mutilated brutally, and a three-foot-long wood-handled axe had been discovered nearby. Candy was captured after the crime scene revealed her footprints and fingerprints.

What Has Happened to Betty Gore’s Husband Alan Gore?

In January 1970, Betty and Alan Gore when they went both in their 20s, got married.
They were so in love that divorce was not in line for them.

They gave birth to two daughters when the got to Collin County, Texas. Although they had issues with their marriage.
Reports revealed that Allan remarried after Betty’s death.

However, the two daughters were given to Betty’s Parents while Allan left.

Allan is claimed to be happily married with someone else in Sarasota Florida.

How old was Betty Gore before she died?

Betty Gore was 30 years old when she was killed.

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