Who is Justin Stein of Mt Wilson? Blue Mountains Murder, Family

Who is Justin Laurens Stein? The 31-year-old man is the stepfather of the missing 9-year-old girl, Charlise Mutten and his fiancée Kallista Mutten who happens to be the Mother of the missing kid.

Charlise Mutten, on the other hand, is a 9-year-old girl who went missing from Mt Wilson. Justin Stein has become a prime suspect in the missing case.

Charlise was five when her mother, Kallista Mutten, was jailed in 2017 at Lismore for a minimum of two years three months for dangerous driving causing death and driving with an illicit drug in her system.

The schoolgirl has been living with her grandmother at Coolangatta in Queensland and was spending two weeks’ holiday among the stunning gardens of celebrated Blue Mountains wedding venue Wildenstein with her mother and her fiance Justin Stein when she vanished.

On Saturday night, after the nine-year-old went missing, a desperate hunt for her resumed. She had been missing since Thursday in the Blue Mountains.

Moreover, Charlise Mutten, 9, was staying with her mother Kallista Mutten when she went missing on Thursday at a huge private wedding location in Sydney’s Blue Mountains owned by the family of her fiancé, Justin Stein, who was examined by authorities on Saturday.

Who is Charlise Mutten?

Charlise Mutten is currently at the age of 9 years old.

‘Of Caucasian look, between 130cm and 140cm tall, of thin build, with brown hair and brown eyes,’ NSW police said of the missing girl.

‘She was last seen wearing a pink shirt with a round neck collar, a black knee-length skirt, and pink Nike thongs,’ according to authorities.

The groomed 12-acre property, including the residential buildings on it, is now being treated as a crime scene by investigators.

Investigations are ongoing by the Homicide detectives…

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