Who is Safiya Satchell the Black Pregnant Woman assaulted by a Police officer? What happened to the Police Officer, Jordy Yanes?

A black pregnant lady Safiya Satchell, misplaced her unborn child by means of the assault in June 2020.

Former Police Officer, Jordy Yanes Martel charged and arrested on Safiya Satchell for violence and official misconduct.

Safiya and a friend Raheam Staats-Fleming, went to Tootsies Cabarets in Miami, FL where she obtained proper right into a meals wrestle with the membership’s administration.

Police officer Martel and one different officer issued her a trespassing warning after they were summoned by the membership administration.

Who Is Safiya Satchell?

Sarita Satchell is the lady who had a miscarriage of 4 months old pregnancy after being assaulted by a police officer.
Her friend took a video while she was assaulted in Tootsies Cabaret Miami Gardens Florida roughly 30 kilometres north of Miami.

However officer Jordy held Safiya inside the stomach targeting her unborn child .
On January 14, 2019 after the video was revealed Jordy Martel, a Latino, was dismissed and charged, exhibiting him dragging Safiya Satchell, 33, from her SUV Car.

Who is Safiya Satchell’s Husband?

Sarita Satchell’s husband is unknown.
She did not disclose any information in regards her marriage or husband.

Safiya Satchell’s Family

Sarita Satchell did not disclose his familor talked about her parents so her family relations is not known. Although she is of African American descents.

How old is Safiya Satchell?

Safiya Satchell is 35 years old

Safiya Satchell’s Wikipedia

In a video, the officer, Jordy Yanes Martel, takes Safiya Satchell out of her car, places his knee in opposition to her neck, and stunning her twice with a Taser whereas she cries.

On January 14, the event occurred early inside the morning outside of Tootsies Cabaret, a strip memberships.

After the assault video went viral on the net, Jordy Yanes Martel was arrested and fired from his job.

The most recent progress inside the story is anticipated. However, the lawsuit is taken into account ongoing in entrance of the courthouse.

Martel has been charged with two counts of official misconduct and 4 counts of violence. He was launched after being given bail.

According to Jordan, Satchell was arrested a few months after the Tootsie incident.

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