Arifa Soobrathi Death: What Happened to Arifa Soobrathi? Obituary News

Arifa Soobrathi Death: Family and Loved ones of Arifa Soobrathi are currently grieving the passing of their beloved one. Arifa Soobrathi death was announced on December 11, 2021. She has worked with the Durban Metropolitan Police Services for over 11 years.

Arifa Soobrathi cause of death has not been announced by the family as we know they are going through difficult time right now. Naazneen Khan wrote in a statement confirming her death,

“Dear Arifa… Arifa Soobrathi. My sweet sweet Ari. Tonight I will go to bed absolutely shattered. Hearing that you passed away is absolutely devastating. Such a loss to the world.

There are very few people who make such impacts on my life and you were one of them. Such a strong strong girl so full of life and compassion and love and joy. I don’t even know what to say I’m all over the place.

You were one of my friends who consoled me when I lost my father, you always reminded me of my worth and how amazing I am and how good my soul is but your soul was also so kind. So so kind. I cannot get your smile out of my mind, 6 months every night at plt , how we would sit at the back and eat sweets and chocolates and how you would tease me for my chocolate bag and bring my blanket to class. I can still hear you calling my name ..Naz.. in that tone. You will be missed, my friend. So so missed. I’m baffled honestly. And heartbroken.”

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