Crystal McCallum’s Car Accident: Cause of Death – Who is Crystal McCallum? Age

American model and social media influencer, Crystal McCallum died in a car accident in Newport Beach.

The accident when a car went into the construction equipment in Newport Beach, three workers were injured while three people dead. This incident occurred on Thursday morning.

According to reports, “the collision occurred at 12:45 a.m. on the Pacific Coast Highway when the car collided with a curb and then slammed into roadwork equipment”

The Orange County Register also stated “the Tesla Model S involved in the accident was equipped with a system that provides audio and visual warnings as well as the ability to lower speed and apply the brakes if it detects a risk of a frontal collision”.

Who Is Crystal McCallum? Cause of Death

Model and social media influencer Crysta McCallum used to live in Dallas, Los Angeles before she died in a fatal car accident at Newport Beach.

Along with two other people Crystal died while in the car that crashed into the construction equipment.

The cause of the accident is still being investigated by the police.

According to the Orange County coroner’s office, the other two who died were identified as Wayne Walter Swanson Jr., 40, of Newport Beach, and Andrew James Chaves, 32, of Arizona.

How was Crystal McCallum before she died?

The 34-year-old Crystal was born in the year 1988 in Texas. She died at the age of 34.
Crystal was a beautiful woman with blonde hair and brown-colored eyes. She stands around 5ft 6 inches tall.

According to her family she was hardworking and had confidence as a lady.