Donny Petersen Death: Biking Gang Leader for Hells Angles Group, Donnie Peterson Obituary News

Donny Petersen Death: Hells Angels group’s biker gang leader in Toronto, Donnie Peterson has passed away. Donny was known for his swaggy style and his unwavering dedication to the advancement of his biking gang and biking group.

Donny Petersen passed away at the age 76. However, details regarding his cause of death was not made known.

“I’m saddened by the sudden passing of good friend and mentor Donny Petersen in Toronto. I worked with Donny over 30 years doing photography for many of motorcycle custom builds and was published in all the major bike magazines.” Marty MacDougall announcement on his Facebook page.

He continued, “I learned allot about business from Donny and met many influential people through him. I had great respect for Donny he was very disciplined and rigid,straightforward, no bullshit, honest, business man. Donny was a world renowned accomplishment author with many Harley Davidson technical books published and also his life story Biker 101 a very interesting read. Donny was very intelligent and would be the perfect example of don’t judge a book by it cover. He will be greatly missed by everyone who new him. RIP Donny GBNF….”

Petersen, on the other hand, was a writer who founded and ran Heavy Duty Cycles in Canada from 1974 to 2010. Many people were taken aback by his death.

Similarly, he worked as a technical journalist for Harley-Twin Davidson’s Cam and Shovelhead motorcycles. In addition, he was the winner of the International Book Awards in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Donny Petersen was an author who founded and ran Heavy Duty Cycles in Canada from 1974 to 2010. Donny’s monthly column called “Techline” has also appeared in American Iron Magazine since 1992.

Petersen, a Toronto native, worked for Harley-Davidson, where he taught mechanics, designed a tech-school curriculum, and wrote mechanic-licensing exams.

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