Dr Frank Buddy McCutcheon’ Death: Who killed the Asheville Plastic Surgeon? Meet His Wife Brenda

Popular surgeon of Asheville, Frank Buddy died in his home.

The police department received a call where Frank Buddy McCutcheon was shot and killed in 2016.

Before he died he was known as a doctor who was popular for plastic surgery and he was also a popular as a musician.

After NBC Dateline re-examines the case, uncovering several leads to find the killer, the murder case reshuffled again on the media

Another investigation is been carried out to find what really Happened.

As NBC reshuffled the 2016 Murder case of Frank Buddy McCutcheon, things have been revealed.

What Happened To Frank Buddy McCutcheon Of Asheville?

Popular surgeon in Asheville, Frank Buddy on 16 July 2016 was shot to death at his own house.

Before he died, he watches television overnight while sleeping on his couch. However, his wife Brenda around 3:30 in the morning heard a high sound but on getting to her husband, he was already dead.

Brenda immediately called the police who noticed that he was shot at the back of his head. According to Brenda’s claim, she was sleeping when the intruder entered to kill her husband.

However, she was later found guilty of killing her husband Frank Buddy.

Who killed plastic Surgeon Frank Buddy McCutcheon?

Brenda, Frank Buddy McCutcheon’s wife was suspicious after the police knew that she was on charge of his business with her signature.

She was arrested in November 2017 after her husband died in 2017. She was arrested with first-murder degree as she tried to prove innocent.


However, Brenda was sentenced to life in prison. After her husband’s death, she sold the family house after moving to Tennessee.
In 2021, She tried to appeal her sentence, but the jury rejected it.

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