East London House Fire Victim: Victims Identified, Shaun Lyle and his wife Claire with three-year-old Josh.

In relation to the fire on Friday 6th of May, 2022 at East London, the victims have been identified.

According Majola Nkoli, spokesperson warrant officer, the victims are 47-year ar-old Shaun Lyle, his wife 35-year-old Claire with a three-year-old boy named Josh.

They died lying next to each other on the floor in a house in the suburb Dawn with their burnt bodies.

They were all identified by a family member.
However, what caused the fire outbreak is yet to be known as investigation is still ongoing.

Tributes have been coming from East London and families.

The couple and the 3-year-old boy have been identified as the victim who dead in the East London House fire. They were identified at the scene.

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