Garrett Cribb And Gabriel Cribb, 16-Year-Old Twins’ Death; Fatal Car Accident In North Carolina

On Wednesday May 18, 2022 Garrett Cribb and his twin brother Gabriel Cribb, the 10th grader dead through a fatal car accident.

The twins were involved in a car crash as reported in North Carolina. It happened in Franklin County on Wednesday night.
The twins were jus 16years old and were students at Bunn High School.

Details On Garrett Cribb And Gabriel Cribb

The twin brothers Garrett Cribb and Gabriel used to live in Franklin County in North Carolina.

The 16-year-old twins were sophomores at their high school and they were interested in wrestling and cars. They spend time together by the lake.
The community members have been shocked and sad about the twins death.
Community people cakes together to celebrate the life of the boys on Thursday May 19.

Twins’ Death In A Franklin Country Car Accident

On Wednesday night, 16-year-old twins got into a deadly car accident.

They used to work in an undisclosed place, and were coming back home after finishing the night shift on Wednesday.

Their car went off the shoulder and struck an embankment and ditch while driving Howard Tant Road. Their car later got slammed against a tree.

People that saw the incident called the police. However the police are busy with investigations and they are yet to disclose details on the accident.

Garrett Cribb And Gabriel Cribb Family And GoFundMe

The parents of the twins are Robert & Michelle, who are pleading for donations through GoFund Me.
“GoFund Me is a non-profit organization helping the one in need”.

They have joined hands with the parents of the teen boys, Garrett and Gabriel.
The organisation has raised upto 30K dollars, while the expected donation is upto 20K.

As they are finding it hard to pay the costs of their children’s sudden funeral and have appealed to the citizen to donate as they want to do better burial for their children.

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