Grant Blodgett’s Obituary: Cause of Death , Drug Overdose With Girlfriend – Age

17-year-old Grant Blodgett with his girlfriend Irene died of drug overdose in Texas on May 5, 2022.

Grant who is from Woodland died on May 5. His memorial ceremony is set to hold on Friday morning.

Who Was Grant Blodgett?

Grant Blodgett died of drug overdose at the age of 17 with his girlfriend Irene. He was born on May 25, 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee. But later relocated In 2008 to The Woodlands, Texas with his parents.

Grant was a footballer in his school the Woodlands High School.

He loved to write and debate. Grant’s plan was to further a degree in history at Texas Tech University after his high school. As he wanted to be a teacher.

Before he died he was supposed to graduate from The Woodland High School on May 23.

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