Kevin Dunbar Kingston Obituary News – Death Cause: How Did he Die?

Kevin Dunbar was a lawyer from Kingston, Ontario, Canada who passed away in his sleep on June 4, 2022. He was also a runner and frequently organized and took part in races in his locality.

Dunbar had his own law firm, Dunbar Law, which he used to run in Kingston. He opened the law firm in 2019 and was one of the best lawyers in the area. He was highly regarded in society and was well respected by the Kingston locals.

Before opening his own law firm, Kevin worked as a lawyer at Isbester Law located in Napanee, Ontario. He was very well regarded by his colleagues and friends.

Dunbar was one of the highly regarded lawyers in Kingston, who opened his own law firm, Dunbar Law in 2019. His death has come as a shocker to the people around him as he was just healthy and fine on the day of his death.

The official reason for his death is currently unknown, as he just passed away in his sleep. Learn more about the late lawyer.

Kevin Dunbar was born on May 26. His exact age is unknown, but it seems that he was in his early or mid-40s. The exact cause of the death of Kevin Dunbar is yet to be known. Reports are that he died peacefully in his sleep.

Kevin’s death has come as a complete surprise to those near him, as he was just seen measuring and marking the area for a race event just the day of his death.

Kingston local and Kevin’s friend Robbie Breadner just shared a photo of Kevin marking the Kingston Memorial Centre for the race. Breadner then commented in the post announcing the death of his friend Kevin.

Kevin is survived by his wife and two daughters. He and his wife Liz were parents to Ciara and Maggie.

Kevin Dunbar was born and raised in Brockville, Ontario. He did his high school studies in Brockville, where he attended the University of Minnesota.

Dunbar then moved to Kingston to study at Queen’s University from where he graduated with a law degree in 2008. Then he joined the Isbester Law firm in Napanee, Ontario, where he worked for about ten years.

The lawyer had been practicing law in various places in Ontario. He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and the Criminal Lawyers’ Association. He was a former President of the Kingston Criminal Defence Lawyer’s Association.

Moreover, Dunbar is also an avid runner. He is regularly involved in the running events around Kingston. He is also a cyclist and a triathlete. He is an active member of the Kingston Road Runner Association.

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