Lorene Shea’s Cause of Death and Obituary: Was Lorene related to Maureen Shea.

Kyle Richards made a tribute that was emotional to her best friend’s death Lorene Shea.

Kyle is a popular actress who posted a tribute of her best friend’s death on the media. Her tribyhas made many emotional as she said they have been best buddies since they were seven years old. She further stated that she knows Lorene for special personality and her death is a shock to her and family.

The best friend, Lorene died at the age of 52.

Who Was Lorene Shea?

Lorene Shea was a wife , mother to her children, she is a sister, aunt and Klye Richards’s best for. She died on 1 May 2022.

According to Kyle’s tribute on 7th of May, “this is my best friend Lorene..my best friend since I was seven years old. My other half. We did everything together…”

For 34 years Lorene served in the US Forest Service based in California and could speak Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

How was Lorene Shea Related To Maureen Shea?

Even though Lorene Shea and Maureen Shea have the same last names, they are not related. Neither has there been any hint on their closeness and relationship.

Lorene Shea’s Death Cause & Obituary

Lorene Shea died after suffering from debilitating depression not long ago.”She had always been a happy person” according to klye Richards.

“…the system is broken. The system made it impossible to get her the help she needed” she added.

Her obituary is yet to be announced by her family members after her death however, it is possible her memorial service at St. Mary’s Catholic Church would be held.

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