Matthew Dornquast, Co-Founded Code 42 Software, Inc. is Dead, Cause of Death and Obituary News Explained

Matthew Dornquast, Co-Founded Code 42 Software, Inc. has passed away. According to multiple reports, Matthew died on February 5, 2022. He died in his 50s due to natural cause.

Mr. Dornquast has established himself as a high-tech visionary radically committed to developing intuitive, user-friendly technology that exceeds expectations. Matthew Dornquast served as Code 42 Software, Inc. Chief Executive Officer from 2001 to May 2015.

Mourning his death, Jason Scott tweeted, “We’ve lost a legend in the Apple II under/overground: Matthew Dornquast, who was both Mini Appler of Midwest Pirates’ Guild, and, well, Matt Dornquast, master coder and making of amazing software products for Apple II and beyond. Megaterm, Beautiful Boot, The Parrot , HBBS.”

His family is reeling from the news. In the meantime, please appreciate how he lived a great life, travelled worldwide, ran a company that still thrives (http://CODE42.COM) and he’s going to be missed greatly.