Melissa Chastain Price Death – Obituary News, Cause of Death

Melissa Chastain Price Death – Obituary News, Cause of Death
Melissa Chastain has passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. His death has been confirmed by ‘Teaching Cancer A Lesson’, through an online post. She died after a courageous battle with cancer.

“As most of you know, my wife, Melissa Chastain Price, passed away yesterday due to cancer”, Teaching Cancer A Lesson announced.

“She had been under hospice care at home for two months, and she had been battling cancer since October 2019. I will never forget the day, October 4, that the doctor told me he found cancer. After later scans, it was revealed to have been in multiple parts of her body.

“Melissa was brave. After doing many rounds of chemo and major liver surgery, she was ready to quit because of the pain and fatigue. She never gave up, because she set the goal of making it to see Barrett graduate kindergarten. She had a year and a half of great results, and she even had a point where no tumors were visible, but it came back…with mutations. It was now in the bone, so she had to endure radiation and chemo. They tried new treatments, but they were minimally effective.

“Eventually, her liver and lungs began to fill with more tumors, and her blood work rapidly began to worsen. After months of back and shoulder pain, a tumor in her T4 vertebrae causes her to become paralyzed. This is when she was put in hospice care, and I prepared to take care of her the best I could. It began with pain medications and watching tv shows with her in the afternoon. Without my sister’s mother-in-law, Donna, and my grandmother, I wouldn’t have been able to finish out the school year while only missing minimal days when she was at her worst.

“Her parents and the older kids came to visit from out of town as often as they could. She just spent her final weekend surrounded by our entire household. This last month, Josh was home from college, and I was off for the summer. Josh has his own obstacles to overcome, but he was able to help me care for his mother, the way no child should have to do at his age. He would also sit with her while I ran out to the garden or went to pick up medicine.

“Barrett has also been here the whole time. Melissa and I sat him down a month or so ago and explained to him that mommy was going to die. We had to explain the permanence of it, but we also explained that she would also be in Heaven and not hurt anymore. I thank his preschool for teaching him so much about God and the Bible. I am also thankful for his compassion as he would put his blanket on her and run her face to make her feel better. She loved that.

“The last two months, and especially the last two weeks, have hurt so much. I am a fixer and a helper. I know I helped her greatly, but I wish there was a way I could take the cancer, or at least the pain, away. It also hurt to see my best friend fading away before my eyes. I will miss her greatly, but I am so happy she is now in a better place without pain. Josh, Barrett, and I have had a while to say goodbye to her. We also had a couple weeks to start getting used to life without being able to talk with her. It still hurts to know when I want to tell her something, she won’t be there to talk to.

“It hurts when Barrett tells me he misses mommy and wants to eat with her. It hurts knowing she won’t see her grandkids, or she won’t see her daughter walk down the aisle, but I know she is in a better place without pain. We all have to keep moving forward. The best way we can do that is by learning from our experiences, and using them to better ourselves. I know I made a positive impact on her life, and she definitely made one on mine. She left me with a wonderful family and a mature perspective on my faith and so much more empathy for others.

“I know a lot of you have been stung by her passing. I know it seems so sudden to many of you, and you will have to process this in your own time and way. I am trying to move forward and honor her memory by being a loving father and an empathetic teacher. I don’t know where the next stage in my life will lead me, but I know I will remain a loving father and an empathetic teacher. Thank you for reading all of this, and for being a part of Melissa’s life. There is no doubt that she loved each and every one of you. Memorial service dates and locations will be coming out in the near future.”

Friends, colleagues, officials and veterans are sending their condolences and tributes to the family in respect of her death. She will greatly be missed by everyone.

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