Milana Li’s Missing Update: Beaverton13-year-old Girl found dead

A day after Milana Li got missing in Beaverton, the13-year-old was reported dead in a stream which is not far from her house.

According to the police, “A missing 13-year-old Beaverton girl was found dead in a park Tuesday about 24 hours after her mother reported her disappearance”.

Around 3 in the after the Beaverton police were called to Westside Linear Park for what they stated as “suspicious circumstances.”
Milana Li’s body was found in a small stream.

The police said “The sixth grader had been missing since 1 p.m. Monday”.

According to a Facebook report “Li was last seen at her family’s apartment near Southwest Murray Boulevard and Scholls Ferry Road wearing plaid pajama pants, a dark hooded sweatshirt and Converse shoes”.

In a missing persons alert, police said Li’s first language was Russian but she spoke some English, a second language she “struggled with.”

The 13-year-old native language was Russian although she spoke English language as second which she struggles with, according to claims.

According to the mother’s report, Milana Li had a Phone which was switched off.
Police formerly said that Li’s disappearance was a runaway when her mother said she was not familiar with TriMet.

However, only few details have been disclosed by the police so far as it was not revealed how Milana Li died.

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