Missing Marshal Iwaasa’s Case on Reddit: Was Marshal Iwaasa ever found? Reddit Theories

On Reddit, theories of the Missing Marshal iwaasa has been reviewed.

Canadian Alberta man, Marshal Iwaasa unexpectedly disappeared in 2019. His case is yet to be resolved.

He helped his mother with technology issues at her house after driving down from Calgary but he later went missing, as revealed on Reddit.

Some of the hikers discovered a burnt-out truck on a trail close to Pemberton, BC few weeks later meanwhile only his clothes were found on at the scene.

26-year-old Marshal Iwaasa was seen last 17th of November, 2019 by his family.
What Happened To Marshal Iwaasa? Reddit Theories

Iwaasa told his family that he was returning to Calgary as reported by Global news but has gone missing since then.

According to Reddit theories, it is either Marshal burned the truck himself to commit suicide or someone might have murdered him.

He might have wanted his truck to be burned completely and perhaps, this was the reason, that police were not able to get DNA according to a comment on Reddit.
Some people noted that if Marshal wants to take his own life then why burn the truck.
Although all the signs keep pointing to suicide of burning himself alive.

Or maybe he was mixed up with drug dealing and made someone angry at him to cause his death.

Was Marshal Iwaasa ever Found?

Marshal Iwaasa is still nowhere to be found as he still reportedly missing inspite all the searches.

Moreover, his case is still not closed because what really happened to him is yet to be uncovered.

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