Mohammed Attash Death – Obituary News, Cause of Death

Mohammed Attash Death – Obituary News, Cause of Death
Mohammed Attash has passed away unexpectedly. His death has been confirmed by Mansoor Adayfi, through an online post. The circumstances surrounding his death has not been made public at the time of this publication.

“The father of Waleed and Hassan Al-Attash has passed away after waiting for over two decades for their release from Guantanamo”, Mansoor Adayfi announced.

“Mohammed Attash’s only wish to see his sons one last time before he died. He died today never having fulfilled this dream Hassan Attash, was cleared for release this year. This brought renewed hope that he may actually see his father. However delays from the Biden administration came in between their reunion.

“Both Attash brothers Waleed and Hassan (who was only 16 at the time) were kidnapped and sold to the CIA. They were tortured brutally in CIA black sites in Jordan and elsewhere before being shipped to Guantanamo.

“Both have developed serious health issues due to the torture, prolonged detention and medical neglect. Our prayers are with thier family in this testing time.”

He will greatly be missed by many.

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