Orlaith Quinn’s Suicide Case: Why did she commit suicide? Who is her husband?

Husband of Orlaith Quinn the mother who committed suicide two days after she gave birth, said his wife wouldn’t have died had it been the hospital staffs were cautious.

Quinn committed suicide on October 11, 2018 at Maternity Care in Belfast.
In reference to reports on 10th if May, 2022, investigations would be done at the maternity hospital to know if there was another reason behind Quinn’s death.

Why Did Orlaith Quinn committ suicide?

Quinn killed herself at the Royal jubilee Maternity Hospital after giving birth to Meave her daughter in the morning.

She was found missing at the early hour of 3:45 in the morning from the hospital.
33-year-old Quinn was found dead in the hallway of the ward.

The husband however had initially notified the staffs before he went to search for his wife who forgot her dressing robe and slippers.

Quinn made more than 13 calls to her husband before getting to the hospital..
Belfast Telegraph reported that Quinn has tried to kill herself three times in the week before her death. It was claimed that she was at the stage of postpartum psychosis and was with mental problems.

However, the husband criticised and blamed the hospital for his wife’s death.
He revealed in an interview that she would still be alive is that has attended to her sooner.

Quinn’s husband, Ciaran said: “I am confident that my wife will be alive today if she receives the adequate and required treatment that she deserves. So I have to confront his death every day.”
He further revealed that wife to be a “Really Lovely Woman”.

Quinn’s mother Shioban Graham, also verbally attacked the hospital for their lack of professionalism.

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