Rita Warintil Death; Apakah Rita Warintil Meninggal Foto, Purwadi

The rumor of Rita Warintil’s death news is still questionable at the moment. No official personnel has yet clarified the rumor and only the social media user are hyping it.

The popular comedian, Rita, and his representative have yet to post any details about his death news. With no official sources, nothing can be predicted about the incident.

However, no obituary notice and no details from the Comedian group have surfaced on the internet. Some fans speculate this is nothing but just another celebrity death hoax on social media.

An unpopular death rumor is surfacing on the internet, and the name Rita Warintil appears at first. The social media personality is famous for his comic timing. He is part of the sketch comedy group Kontakan Rempong.

The comedian group posts lots of skits and funny content on their media and the group has over 7 million subscribers. However, the sudden death hoax has made fans in disbelief and are asking for the answers.

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