Shahana’ Cause of Death and Obituary: Kerala Model and Actress – How did she die?

Recently, Kerala model and actress Shahana’s rumour of being died has really circulated the media leaving the public confuse about the cause of her death.

However, Shahana was found dead in her house in Kozhikode. According to reports she was found hanging in window railing.

It’s still unbelievable that she could commit suicide instead they accused her husband for her death. The Police are already investigating the case to know the details behind her death.

Kerala Model and Actress Shahana’s Cause of Death

On Friday, Shahana was found hanging from a window railing at her residence at Chevayur in Kozhikode.

After her family saw her, they revealed that her death was suspicious and later they accused her husband Sajad for her death.
Following the Police arrest, the police have arrested the husband, Sajad as her death is referred to as strange.

Sajad was accused of abusing for her money after they have been married for one and half year.

According to Shahana’ mother, she said that her daughter had complained about physical abuse that her spouse had inflicted upon her during their marriage.

What Is Kerala Model Shahana Cause of Death?

The cause of death of Kerala Model, Shahana seems like suicide but following the conviction and suspicion of he family, her husband has been accused of killing her.

They family believe Shahana can never commit suicide as she has been preparing for her 20th birthday according to her mother.

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