What Happened at Sandals Resort in Bahamas: Three Americans found Dead at Sandals Resort: Cause of death

Reports have revealed that in Bahamas at the Sandals resort, among the four Americans one is being hospitalized while the remaining three are dead.

While the Authority is still investigating what happened at the resort, among the four Americans, a woman was taken on plane to Princess Margaret Hospital. According to Chester Cooper Acting Prime Minister of Bahamas, out of the three Americans were two men and a woman, their bodies were found at Emerald Bay resort on Friday, 6th of March.

Their cause of death has not been identified by the authorities as it was reported as an unexpected death although investigations are being carried to know the reasons behind their death.

However, the death of the three Americans were confirmed by the the Police after they got a call of report of a dead man on the floor of the bedroom by a worker at the resort on Friday around 9 a.m.  After, in another room a woman and a man were found dead with no signs of convulsion. The woman was found in the bedroom while the man was found in the bathroom. Reports revealed that they both went to a clinic and received treatment after they complained of being sick a night before their death.

Among the dead men, a man was identified as Vincent Chiarella by his son Austin Chiarella, he added that his mother Donnis Chiarella who is being treated due to injury in the Kendall Regional Hospital as confirmed the by the hospital.

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