Who was Alice Clark?, What Was his Cause Of Death? Paramedic Killed In Accident

Paramedic Killed In Accident

Paramedic as she lost her life in the horrible crash. She was in an ambulance and it was smashed with a cement lorry. It has become a news headline now and is even scattered all over the social media platforms.

This is the most viral and searches incident on the internet. As it was so drastic and wretched happening. After this mishap that enters a city and the staff of the paramedic is so devastated and there has been a panic in the city. The accident took place at night as n the pictures everything will be seen. So a death pf a paramedic is in the news and she died after the same ambulance in which ah has been present inside was involved in a crash with the cement lorry. She is no more and her entire staff is mourning her demise.

The accident took place at 8:15 pm and there were three people inside it one Male paramedic, a student paramedic, and the female paramedic. It happened Wednesday, this is the most heart-shivering incident as the female paramedic lost her life in this. After this there was another ambulance at the incident spot, The South East Coach Ambulance services reached there and they were confirmed that the female paramedic is no more and she has been passed away.

The accident occurred on the Southbound A21 near Tonbridge, Kent. While the male paramedic is severely injured and his treatment is going on. He is still hospitalized as his condition is serious and will going to be recovering gradually. Whereas there isn’t any update on the student paramedics. So there were three people team of the paramedics inside an ambulance one is female who had died. Treatment of male paramedics is going on in the King’s College Hospital in London.

So if we took to the sources then there is an update about the student paramedics and according to them he had been injured too and is in the hospital he is going through some serious head injuries.

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