Who was Kathy Boudin? A Former Member of the Unconventional Weather Underground: Cause of Death

Kathy Boudin, a former member of the unconventional Weather Underground Kathy Boudin reportedly died at the age of 78.

Who Was Kathy Boudin? Cause Of Death

Kathy Boudin was coping with a life-threatening illness cancer for a long time before she first which turned her well being into deterioration whereas affecting her inner-body organs according to sources.

Many medical practitioners have handled her with different procedures but it later grew to becoming the main reason for her death.

This is according to the claims of her family while they were at her funeral ceremony.

What Happened To Kathy Boudin?

On Sunday together with her son Chesa Boudin a well-likes lawyer with Fransisco district, Kathy Boudin passed away.

In 1965, she graduated from Bryn Mawr school and was radicalized by the rising anti-war and racial justice marketing campaign of the 60s.

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