Who was Ray Bentley, Biography, Family, Cause of death?, RIP Founding Pastor of Maranatha Chapel

Ray Bentley who was the pastor of the church has been declared dead recently. Ray Bentley was also the founder of Maranatha Chapel which is a krik established in Rancho Bernardo. His death news let all the church family grieve when his death news was published publicly.

Who was Ray Bentley?

As we told you above Ray Bentley was a servant of the Lord and founded a church in Rancho Bernardo which is known as Maranatha Chapel. Ray Bentley possessed the ability to provide a precise and accurate illustration of God’s notice by merging scripts with historical factors. There is always lots of information to learn about a splendid person. Ray Bentley was an interesting person who did many outstanding works during his life. He had written six books in his life in which ‘The Threshing Floor’ is the newest written, which conveys the lord’s hope of Israel’s Holy Land incident.

How did Ray Bentley die?

Pastor Ray Bentley’s exact date of birth is not revealed by any of his close people but it was supposed that he was around his sixty or seventy years of age when he left the world and moved to his God. Ray Bentley was grown up in the United States of America and that was his born place also. He started his church with the help of 30 people that was the time of 1984. He started the Maranatha Chapel named church with Holy Book Bible reading with his people in a recreation center throughout the week. As time passed they outgrew and started Sunday prayer in Junior High School of the local.

Ray Bentley Death Cause

Day by day church family was getting bigger than the previous day and by the coming of 1986, more than 1100 people joined the Maranatha Chapel and routine of the church at that time was three-morning sessions and one evening service.

Pastor Ray Bentley was married to a girl whose name is Vicky Bentley and the couple also have two children. On 4th January declared dead due to the covid-19 disease. Thomas Bush received a text from Pastor Ray Bentley in which written that he found himself as covid positive around 10 p.m. and after a few hours he heard the news of his death.

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