How to Start Blogging Business | Beginners Guide
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How to Start Blogging Business | Beginners Guide



How to Start Blogging Business

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 How to Start Blogging Business and business blogging tips and tricks

There are so many blogs scattered across the web. Despite increasing blogs population, people don’t cease to talk about it. Blogs are still very important for any online business. Many bloggers in Nigeria makes serious money from blogging business.

Are you in business? If yes, blogging will help you make money, create relationships with subscribers and generate traffic of potential customers to your business. Blogs themselves also generate money through its diverse income streams. Not a blogger yet? No worries read this article – How to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal that allows people of diverse interest in life to share their views, tips and lifestyle. Most bloggers use their blogs to make money online while deriving pleasure from it. Anybody can blog online as far as the person has an idea to share.

Choose your Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms out there to choose from. Luckily, most of them are free (open source) where you can just sign up and start your blogging journey without paying a dime. You can decide to blog on any of the following:

  1. Blogger
    2. WordPress
    3. Squido
    4. Hupages

Setup you Blog.

Setting up your blog can be easy as breeze. Most of the blogging platforms mentioned above does not need any special technical knowledge unless you need professional customization. Of course, if you have a little budget for your blog customization, you can hire a professional to give you a more lively touch on your blog.

How to Succeed in Blogging

There are vital things you need on your blog. These tweaks are like diesel that will power your blog’s engine.

Apart from buying a premium theme for your blog to make it have a special look and feel, you will need to put an email subscription form to begin your list building. Setup your about me page. This is very important as it will tell any visitor what the blog is all about as well as the author.

Also, setup and publish your legal pages which are privacy policy and disclaimer. Do not forget to put your contact me page too. All these are necessary before approval of Google Adsense.

Fill your Blog with Contents
It is usually advisable to sit down and craft original contents before you publish. Although, there are certain websites you can pick their copyright free articles, such as; ezinearticle, goarticle etc but it will not make your blog unique. Blog contents are all about sharing your experience.

You will never write a very good blog post if you do not research or have prior experience on the chosen topic. What about paying freelancers to write custom contents for you? Anyone you chose ultimately depends on your plan, budget, ability and what type of blog you really want to create.

Monetize your Blog
This is what will pay for all your efforts. Yes, making money from your blog might be the only reason or one out of many reasons you are blogging. In either ways, making money from your blog is easy. I am going to discuss it with you.

Ways you can monetize your Blog.

Product review:
This is one my favourite methods of blog monetization. It’s simple. I will simply pick a particular product I’ve used. Review it; write its advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the post, I will put a link. This link will be an affiliate link, so if a reader buys through that link, I get paid. Simple.

Banner Ad:
If you take a look at so many blogs or websites, you’ll surely see banner ads scatters around it. Readers do click this ad out of desire. These ads could be an affiliate links or a link to other products advertises by you.

Pey Per Click (PPC) Ad:
There are so many PPC ad company looking for credible publishers to serve ads for advertisers on their program. The most popular is Google Adsense followed by Bing Ad Network, Chitika, etc. you can do more research on this to know more. Yes! These PPC ad network offers a very flexible monetization method that can help bloggers make money from their blogs.

You can turn your Blog to Membership Site and Charge Money:
Yes, I have seen some blogs with premium contents that are only accessible by paid readers. This is another method you can adopt to monetize your blog. This model of blog monetization is very useful to top internet marketers who invent new skills that enhances marketing breakthrough.

Sell and Ads Space:
Yes! If your blog have the needed targeted traffic that may be useful to another person, sell a space for that person. For a certain amount of money, an internet marketer will buy an ad space from your blog sidebar. This will help you to make money from your blog.

Flip you Blog:
Blogs are like real estate. The values of blogs appreciate everyday if they are regularly updated. You can decide to flip (sell) your blog for a certain fee. So many people have made serious money by creating and selling blogs online.

You can see that there are diverse ways you can make money blogging even in Nigeria. Yes! There are other methods (not mentioned here) you can use to monetize your blog. Have you start blogging? Please share your experiences.


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