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Top tips on How to Start Fruits Selling Business in Nigeria



Top tips on How to Start Fruits Selling Business in Nigeria


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How to Start Fruits Selling Business in Nigeria / method of Starting Fruits Selling Business in Nigeria business plan-selling fruits and vegetables

In this post, I will teach you practical ways how you can make serious money from selling fruits here in Nigeria. Fruits are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and it’s very useful in growth and development of the body.

In Nigeria, fruit selling business have been left in the hands of petty traders, who operate this business in a subsistence way. This is the same business that you can make as much as =N= 50,000 a day if you do it well.

The Nature of Fruit Selling Business

Local petty traders who sell fruits maybe on the road sides or in the markets sources for their products from the villages, transport them where there is market to sell it. If this people, some of them with little or no higher education can do this business and succeed, how about you. You can use your level of enterprise to make serious money from this business.

Market Potential of Fruit Selling Business

For instance, the cost of pineapple in the village is about =N30= to =N=50 while it is sold for about =N=150 to =N=200. In Abuja, pineapple can be sold for as much as =N=500 depending on the size. The profit margin in fruit selling business is always over 100% while the percentage for market loss in zero.

Fruits are in High Demand

Yes! Fruits are always in high demand because of its increased nutritional importance. You can make much money if you establish a fruit market in a strategic location in major towns and cities in Nigeria.

Investment Capital for Fruit Marketing Business

Depending on the scope of your business, you can begin your business with as little as =N= 5,000 to =N= 10,000. If you do this business well, you can make as much as =N=20,000 a day. This is a business idea fresh graduate should do instead of sitting at home to expect white collar jobs. All you need is a location, maybe a shop. But I prefer on open shade for this business because fruits need fresh air.

Where to Buy the Fruit Products

There are so many fruit products that you can market. You can market guava, mango, pineapple, African star apple, etc There are so many locations where you can get your fruit products. Go inside villages, visit local farms and connect with farmers. With this you will always know their harvest time. Just buy fruit products from them, transport it to the township and make your money.

Where to Sell you Fruits and make Money

Do you have your fruit products? There are many ways you can market your product. You can sell them in open market; you can make supplies to supermarket and stores.

How to Start Fruit Selling Business in Nigeria

Now you have a fair idea about fruit selling business. It’s time to get started. Have your Business Name and register it: Give a name to your proposed business and proceed to corporate affairs commission (CAC) for registration. Choose the mode you will adopt to sell your products and expand your business.

A Fruit Online Store can make the Difference

Why not adopt a non-conventional method to showcase your fruit products. Create an online fruit store for your fruits and append your contact information on the website. Make sure you have a very good delivery system. When people request or buy it online, you can then deliver the fruits to them right at the comfort of their homes.

Other Tips You Can Adopt:

Make a list of your customers; advertise your product through major media like television, radio as well as on social network. Try and stay in touch with your customer by collecting their contact addresses, email and/or phone numbers. Give your customers discount and promotional sales. Adopt email marketing and keep track of your business records.


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