How to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business and More
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How to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business and More



How to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business and More

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How to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business and More on building your freelance writing business and  tips freelance writing business

Freelance writing has grown into a massive industry employing thousands of writers across the world. For a Nigerian, with the increasing dollar – Naira exchange rate, there is no better time to become a freelance writer and earn in dollars like now. The opportunities are enormous and the growth potential is massive.

Though the potentials and opportunities are there to build a massive income source as a Freelance writer, but many are still failing. There are a number of reasons why you are failing in your freelance writing business, and this piece looks at the 7 most noteworthy reasons and how to fix them.

How to Succeed in Freelance Writing Business in Nigeria

  1. Think like an Entrepreneur

One of the most noteworthy reasons why most Freelance writers don’t make money is because they don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is a person who creates ideas or utilizes already existing ideas to meet the needs in the market.

Freelance writing is about meeting the content needs in the market. Successful freelance writers first of all see themselves as entrepreneurs that are serving the market with a need – content, hence their level of results.

Don’t see yourself as one hungry guy that is looking for feeding money, rather see yourself as an entrepreneur that has a solution to a need in the market and also plans to make money from filling that need.

  1. Handle Freelance Writing as a Business

Another major mistake many Freelance writers make is that of handling their writing career casually, without any form of commitment. Freelance writing is a business, therefore it must be treated as such. Just like every serious business person treats his or her business, a Freelance Writer must do same.
So, freelance writing should be treated the way you would treat any business you want to succeed. As a Freelance writer you are in the business of providing services (contents) to those who need it, hence be serious with what you do.

  1. Have a Website/Blog

The importance of having a website as a freelance writer cannot be overemphasized. A website, aside giving you a platform where you can list your service offerings, gives you credibility, and helps in your marketing. I’m yet to see a successful freelance writer who doesn’t have a website or blog. Your website is your office and contact point.

  1. Make Sure you have a Goal

The beauty of the game of Football or soccer is the presence of a target. The fact that there is an object of pursuit makes the game of soccer fun and entertaining. The target or goal in a football match is to pass the ball into the net – score goals and win the match. Without this the game would be useless.

Imagine 22 adults just chasing a ball round the field without any agenda or goal. The game would be tiring and boring.So also is a life or business without goals.

If you agree that Freelance writing is a business, then you must set goals for the business and work towards achieving them. Goals give you a target and set you on your feet. Without goals your business has no direction and without direction you are heading nowhere. If you are heading nowhere, you will not achieve anything meaningful.

According to Earl Nightingale, “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” Freelance writing is not an exception.


  1. Ensure you are marketing your business

Life is in the blood, and marketing is the blood of every business, hence the life of every business is in Marketing. This means that without marketing your business has no life. It is marketing that will put you in front of potential clients, it is marketing that will bring in the people who need your service, and it is marketing that will bring in the money.
One thing I have learned from my mentor, which I plan to do, is to spend 50 percent of my Freelance writing time on marketing.

If you are a beginner freelance writer this is one of the best things you can do for your writing business. The life of your business is in its blood – marketing.

  1. Always focus on delivering value

The success of freelance writing is value delivery. Your focus should be on delivering value to your clients. your focus shouldn’t be just on money; while money is important, focusing on it too much sometimes pushes you to deliver crap to clients just because you want to get paid.
Before thinking of making money first of all think of delivering value. While you are focused on delivering value to your clients money will eventually come. Money will always flow in the direction of value. Always ensure you satisfy your clients with quality and value.

  1. Find a Mentor

Finally, mentoring is very instrumental to the success of most entrepreneurs and freelance writers. Most entrepreneurs have someone they run to for guide and advice. Having a mentor who is already a successful freelance writer will aid your own success in the business.
So, pick a mentor that inspires you and connect with them. Ask questions, follow their guide, buy their e-books, subscribe to their website Newsletters, etc.

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