5 High Income Jobs you can Try Out as a Student – Highest Paid Job In Nigeria and Others 2021

Today, we will be talking about 5 High Income Jobs You Can Try Out as a Student. If you are in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India or any part of the world, then this is for you. Are you looking for a high income job to start as a student? Then read further! Below are some of the Highest Paid Job in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India or any part of the world 2021.

Making money while studying is very interesting and explorative. Most people in different institutions especially the Federal Tertiary institutions can align with the kind of billings made on the students.

Even after paying your school fees, a lot of additional expenditures still come up, and to pass examinations and graduate from college, you have to pay those dues.

In situations like this, you would need an extra source of income apart from that provided by your parents, guardians, and sponsors. It would also prevent you from becoming a burden to them. The following are some businesses and crafts, which you can use to make yourself some money

Startup a boutique or become a vendor of fashion products

The ladies are bound by society to always look good, and feminine. Creating an avenue for looking Stylish and attractive, would fetch you a lot of money. To venture into this business requires that you are a fashionista yourself. You would need to have a glimpse of what fashion and style are all about.

You can work during the daytime and weekends, and you don’t need to put disarray on your study schedule.

Sale of books

Whether what you have is a summary of a book you have read in the past, or you have an ebook that you think can be beneficial to the general masses, you can put it up for sales. In the case of the e-book, you would have to take permission from the original owner(s) of the book before reselling it, since that is intellectual property.

Nigerian students in higher institutions make use of book summaries a lot. You can make this lucrative by reading books and writing summary notes on them. If you cannot edit your work, you can send then to a skilled writer, to help you out with that.


This is one skill that you can easily learn and get acquainted with. It gives you a chance to explore nature and capture beautiful moments. You may decide to start up photo coverage services. Delving into this sector of business gives you a chance to save up memories in picture format while making cool money. It would only take your determination and humility to engage in this business.

Become a tutor/teacher in school

The opportunities listed in this post, would not be restricted to skills that require substantial capital before you can start making money.

You can work as a part-time tutor without a dime in your account as capital. You must let your peers know about what you do. You can ask to tutor your neighbor’s children at a specific price. You can also decide to hold tutorials for your coursemates, then pay you for your effort. This method is beneficial not just to your finances, but also to your academics.

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Food and snacks services

There are varieties of jobs that you can do in the food industry.

You can become a food and or snack vendor. As a student, you can easily sell snacks compared to food. The better edge to this business is that you are free to operate a mobile store. You can have your products in your bag pack or a container with ease of carriage.

You can produce light snacks like cakes, chin-chin, peanuts, buns, doughnuts, among others, and distribute them to shops either to help you sell or at a discount price.

Online jobs

We are in a modern world, and there are a lot of online businesses and websites flooding the internet space. Amidst the scam websites, there are also legit businesses that you can do on the web. Your mobile phone was not made for just social media, it should go a long way in earning you some money.

These are some of the online jobs that you can try out if you’re looking for Highest paid online Job in Nigeria, Ghana and other Countries 2021:

Blogging: if you are a good writer, or you enjoy writing, you can write content on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and so on.

Vlogging: if you are not a shy person in front of the camera, then you can recreate your videos and earn money. You can do this on YouTube, Tik Tok, and Likee.

Social media management: you can boost social media handles for people by increasing their likes, page follows, and exposure.

Affiliate marketing: Resell products for individuals and websites and earn a percentage from the sales.

Graphics designing: This requires a mind of artistry. Catalogs, flyers, profile pages, logos and banners, all need the services of a graphic designer.

Copywriting: By writing copies that sell, you can convert page views on a website to paying clients and customers.

Brand ambassador: you can model for companies or websites as a public figure.

Skills and businesses through which one can use to support themselves are much. The ones highlighted in this post, are the regular ones that thrive in society today.

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