Steps to Becoming the Best as a Blogger – Proven Ways to Become a Successful Blogger

Have you been searching for how you can Excel in your writing career? Have you signed up for different blogging courses and yet they seem unproductive? You are not in this alone; Read till the end to see how you can step up your limits as a blogger

You might have already become familiar with the basics of blogging but if you know the theory without the practical applications, you are most unlikely to succeed in this field.

In this post, I would be narrowing down the concept and practical applications of blogging. If you do not understand what blogging is all about, or you have been into the game of blogging, yet you are not profiting from the business, then this post is definitely for you.

What exactly is blogging?

Blogging means sharing opinions, thoughts, trends, news updates, and other entries on a website, to allow the users to reflect and also discuss their views on what has been shared.

As a beginner, you might have taken many online courses before taking the big step into blogging. Whether you have done this or not, I want to correct a wrong impression that some blog tutors give. As a beginner, you must not own a website or even a domain name to begin your blogging journey.

You can start by creating content on your social media wall like on your WhatsApp status, Facebook, and Instagram newsfeed/story post. In this way, you must have gained a little exposure before you can delve into the real deal of blogging.

These are the steps to becoming the best as a blogger even as a beginner

The general points to note are these:

  • Pick a niche: Select a category you wish to write on. If you have interests in sports, you can make your posts to be sports-focused; like football, tennis among others. If you like writing entertainment news and gists, then write in that field. Don’t make your content revolve around every niche. This disorients your viewers, because some may not be interested in other posts you make.
  • Write consistently: Do not keep your viewers waiting for the next time you would drop content. Write regularly and with quality.
  • Carve out a time to write, don’t write out of the blues just because you feel less busy. Mark it down in your daily routine and select the time that best suits you for dropping your contents

The following are some of the specifics you need to know about the practical part of blogging

  • Make sure your post is error-free: You can make use of Grammarly for this
  • Tell a story: Most of your readers would skim through your article, and if it seems to be too straightforward, and not interesting, you may lose close to half of your readers.
  • Intrigue your readers: Make you’re writing an attention-grapple
  • Give your readers a reason to continue to the next line
  • Apart from having a catchy headline, your article should have a touch of clickbait
  • Use the right and aesthetic cover image or thumbnail
  • Let people know what you do: “I’m a blogger/content creator”, don’t ever be shy of what you do
  • Write with confidence that your post will do very well
  • Always check your click-through rate or how your article performs based on the number of site visitors and clicks that your post generated
  • Avoid writing fake news, blasphemous or obsolete posts: it makes you lose your audience in an instant.