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How to Check NECO Result 2020/2021 Without Scratch Card

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Check  NECO Result 2020/2021 Without Scratch Card Here Online, NECO result common entrance 2020/2021, can NECO Result be used to gain Admission

After going through this topic “Check  NECO Result 2020/2021 Without Scratch Card “ you will have no choice than to get excited in the course of executing your 2019 Neco result. I Have heard many horrible stories on the internet , how some good student fail to check their Neco Result because of misinformation and misguide but today, you are going to know for yourself the basic and easiest method of Checking your Neco Result without scratch cards or stress.

Check Neco Result 2019/2020 Without Scratch Card

How to Check Neco Result Without Scratch Card

In the Past Years, there have been a huge arguments and advice on this topic  Check  Neco Result Without Scratch Card, but consider the non changing Name  “NECO” This topic will be focusing on how to, and the expectation on this season Neco Results.

 But Before we go on Let’s  Check out the Tables of Contents:

  • What is Neco?
  • Neco and it’s Purpose?
  • past and Present?
  • What does Neco Entails?
  • Importants Of Neco?
  • What Happens after the Results are obtain?
  • How to Check Neco Result Without Scratch Card  ?
  • And in Conclusion

Before I start fishing out all the Out-listed Content let me introduce myself, Over the years I have been within the board of Examinations taking care of the primary documents needed for examination purposes, when I say Examinations I mean WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB etc. I took care of marking some students Results. Unfortunately am here now talking to you directly as an experience personnel.

 What is Neco?

Everybody Knows NECO to be The National Examinations Council, But the Question I will like to Ask you is, Is that All? Answer Me, Of Course it’s not All, it is Beyond The National Examinations Council. The National Examinations Council has a greater role to play in the Examination Sector. The National Examinations Council Main purpose is to conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education, that is the main reason they are called  the examination body in Nigeria. Please Note that. In addition, this Examination are always conducted  in June/July and December/January at most. But before we kick the Stone, Let’s Quickly see the National Examinations Council (NECO) and it’s Purpose past and Present.

Neco and it’s Purpose? 

Just like we say earlier on, The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education, That is the Purpose of NECO. But it is Beyond this brief Explanation Let me go a little more deeply.

NECO past and Present

In the spring of April 1999, The National Examinations Council (NECO) was Organised and Formed by the special Head of State Named  Abdulsalami Abubakar talking about NECO, the National Examinations Council was the first Federal organization to offer good registration to academic candidates in Nigeria, is that not Great? Yes it is, to round Up this meat, The National Examinations Council (NECO) was mandated to take over the responsibilities of the National Board of Education Measurement (NBEM). Its maiden examination took place in mid-2000, This is the Past Now the Present.. The National Examinations Council (NECO) has taken upon itself to play a major role to be the keystone to all educational Sector by helping each student or candidate fulfill their aim and Purpose as a Student.

What does Neco Entails?

We have mention most of the relevant of NECO but let’s Recap:

  • Good Education
  • Help Students Fulfill their ambitions
  • Create good and Lasting Results
  • Working with the Board of Educational Sector
  • Giving Meaning to Education
  • And Branding Each of Its Candidates/ Students.


Importants Of Neco?

No Question is too Cheap and No answer is too Expensive it all depend on the way you visualized it Now the question what is the importants of NECO, The National Examinations Council is of great value ad important, only to those who understand the importance of It.

Do you know that often at times without NECO you can’t study abroad? Over the Years many students always come to me and they are Like Sir,  Is NECO Result Accepted Outside Nigeria? Whenever I encounter such question, I always laugh and tell them and you that is reading this article Now, In the year 2002, the zonal body chairman confirmed that a bill was passed in the national assembly calling for the international recognition of NECO. Needless to say, NECO result is internationally recognized.

Mostly students who wants to study abroad always ask Can NECO result be used to study outside the shores of Nigeria? The answer is yes. NECO can be used to study abroad but not all schools abroad accept it. If a student passes the required subjects, some schools abroad will grant such a student admission.  So NECO Results is 95% Important !!

What Happens after the NECO Results are obtain?

You don’t need to be careless with your NECO Result why because it can take you to the level you never expected. Neco result are very crucial in this 21th Century most of the schools you might be privilege to study may probably need your Neco result so no one need to tell you that it is important to your educational career, there are many different reason why you need this Neco Result most at times when seeking for a Job you may be asked to bring your Neco result along and failure to document it with you….sorry you may lose that opportunity, not only that even you are want to study abroad you may asked to bring along:

  • International passport
  • NECO result
  • Birth certificate
  • A recent passport photograph
  • NECO scratch card
  • Affidavit of Support.

This Documents are Basic requirements for Undergraduates.

How to Check  Neco Result Without Scratch Card  ?

To  Know How to Check  your Neco Result Without Scratch Card  is one of the basic thing you “MUST” know as a Student. There are some protocol you need to follow to get access to your NECO Result.

For you to Check  Neco Result Without Scratch Card  you need to Purchase a Token or Code, does that sound scary? Calm down lit is easy to get it let’s see How to purchase this token Online.

For you to Purchase this Token, follow our guideline outline on this page It will help you.

STEP 1: Register on NECO Results Online System.

  1. Go to NECO result checking portal at
  2. Pick your exam year. i.e. 2019
  3. Pick your exam type. i.e. SSCE INTERNAL (JUN/JUL)
  4. Enter your Token Number and registration number in the appropriate columns.
  5. Finally, click on check result button to access your NECO result.


STEP 2: Purchase Token.

  1. Visit
  2. Plugin your Email Address/Phone number and your password in the required columns.
  3. Then click on the Login button.
  4. Locate and click on Purchase Token (NB: Each token can be used with only one result for a specific number of views)
  5. Enter the number of token you need and click on Pay now button (NB: a token is N500 + N50 service charge).
  6. Now click on Proceed to pay button to pay for the token on REMITA platform using bank or card.

STEP 3: You Can Now Check Your Result.

  1. Visit
  2. Pick your exam year.
  3. Pick your exam type.
  4. Enter your Token Number and registration number in the appropriate columns.
  5. Finally, click on check result.




Many words have been spoken and few remain, This is just how to Check  Neco Result Without Scratch Card  is either difficult or Hard this is something you can do without paying money for someone yo do for you we are now in a computer age were technology is leading so you better learn and earn knowledge, life always leave those who don’t want to learn behind, if you really learn something on this topic How to Check  Neco Result Without Scratch Card  please Like our Facebook Page and don’t forget to share this on other social media, As we help you help others and spread the Love.


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