Sandra Clifton Missing: Who is Robert David Hendy-Freegard? The Puppet Master Netflix

Who is Robert David Hendy-Freegard? According to The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman, David Hendy Conman is a 49-year-old British fraudster who deceives, swindles, and psychologically manipulates and abuses females for his own profit.

In the Netflix documentary, Jake and Sophie Clifton recall how their mother became distant from them in the space of two years since meeting David.

When she disappeared in 2014, their father Mark Clifton discovered piles of credit cards bills, mortgage repayment reminders, court summons, and parking fines all under Sandra Clifton’s name in the family home. The master bedroom also had an industrial-style lock. After some research of their own, they discovered David’s true identity to be Freegard, a convicted conman.

Sandra Clifton went missing, disappeared with Robert David Hendy-Freegard In January 2014. Premiering Jan. 18 on Netflix, The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman focuses on two parallel stories involving Hendy-Freegard.

Seven years ago, David Hendy-Freegard and Sandra Clifton left the family home and never came back. Mark – who had remained on good terms with Sandra despite their split – was left to sell the house. Upon entering the home he discovered stacks of overdue credit card bills, mortgage repayment reminders, court summons and parking fines in her name. He also found an industrial lock on the master-bedroom door, with newspaper covering the windows.

When his attempt to track information about the man he knew as David Hendy didn’t bring up anything, he eventually recognised him as Robert Hendy-Freegard in a news report about his release. Freegard had been imprisoned for previously conning women into living under his rule for a decade, handing over their cash and livelihoods to him.

The family fought to get the police involved, which became difficult as Sandra was an adult woman who had seemingly left with him willingly.

Where Are Robert Freegard and Sandra Clifton Now?

Today, Robert Freegard lives as a free man after being released from prison in 2009. His original two life sentences for kidnap by fraud were revoked by the Court of Appeal which ruled Freegard’s victims had not been physically held against their will. However, he did serve nine years for theft and obtaining money by deception.

As heard in Netflix’s The Puppet Master, Freegard’s exact whereabouts are unknown, but he is believed to be living between France and England with Sandra Clifton, who he met in 2012.

Towards the end of the documentary, it is revealed Freegard and Sandra Clifton were working in the beagle breeding business and performing in pedigree shows, presenting his dogs at Crufts, reports The Times. Since 2017, he has been going by the name David Clifton, a combination of his middle name and his partner’s surname.

In Netflix’s The Puppet Master, Jake, Sophie and their father Mark Clifton speak of their fears that Sandra Clifton is another one of Freegard’s victims.

Speaking to The Times, who managed to track him down to a home in Berkshire, England, Freegard denied any allegations he was controlling his new partner.

He said: “I would also be the very first to admit that I have made some senseless mistakes in life of which I do unreservedly and unequivocally offer my most sincerest apologies.

“However, and it’s monumental however actually, I have sat back and tried very hard for so long for the sake of primarily my children and those involved to shun the spotlight and let the untruths go by uncorrected. It seems that there are those who were involved in this sorry episode that must obviously need reminding of a large number of facts and truths that they’ve either forgotten or have chosen to ignore.

“It is with great sadness that Sandra is not allowed to live her life with who she loves and with who loves her.

Sandra Clifton

As heard in The Puppet Master, when Sandra Clifton was tracked down by police in 2015, she was made fully aware of her partner David Clifton’s past as Robert Freegard. However, she told police she was accepting of her partner’s past and already knew who he was. As a result, there was nothing the police could do.

Sandra Clifton’s children, Jake and Sophie Clifton, have not seen their mother in person since 2014, but in 2020, her son did manage to see her over a Zoom call.

Sandra Clifton had taken her two children to court over the ownership of her parent’s house. Following their grandparent’s passing, Jake and Sophie Clifton kept the property in trust in the hopes their mother would return and protect it from Freegard. However, the judge ruled in Sandra Clifton’s favor as the property technically belonged to her. Just months later, the house was sold.

Jake and Sophie Clifton also share in The Puppet Master they sometimes hear from their mother in sporadic messages once or twice a year but nothing more. They also share Sandra Clifton had also contacted friends to ask for money.

Still, they have not given up hope their mother will return home.

At the end of The Puppet Master, a title card reveals filmmakers made numerous attempts to contact Freegard and Sandra Clifton. It remains unknown if Sandra Clifton received the messages sent to her.

The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman is available now on Netflix.

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