Abdulbaaith Adewale: Arrested For Sellling Drugs – Drug Overdose of Gregory Blodgett and Irene

19-year-old Abdulbaaith Adewale has been arrested for involvement in the death of two high school students by drug overdose.

In 2021, he is believed to have three charges of possession of a controlled substance but after he completed the program it was dismissed.

However, the drug he sold has killed Gregory and Irene of The Woodland High School who are 17 years old and 18 years old respectively.

Who Is Abdulbaaith Adewale?

19-year-old Abdulbaaith Adewale has been charged with selling narcotics causing deaths of two teenagers.

The drugs which he sold contained Fentanyl that killed Gregory Blodgett and Irene.

In 2021, he was charged for the possession of controlled substances by Montgomery County.

The toxicology reports of the dead bodies showed the presence of fentanyl as stated by the authorities which was caused by Adewale.

Abdulbaaith Adewale Arrested For Selling Drugs

The two teenagers died of drug overdose on May 5 as a result of the drugs Abdulbaaith Adewale sold to them.

Sheriff Rand Henderson of Montgomery County has said that they can charge those people who provide illegal narcotics that cause the death of citizens according to the recent law passed by the Texas legislature.

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