Adrian Moncrieffe Jr. dies in single-vehicle crash in Apache Boulevard

Adrian Phillip Moncrieffe Jr. Death: 18-year-old Adrian Phillip Moncrieffe Jr. died at the scene of a single-vehicle crash, on Apache Boulevard just south of 78th Place North, deputies said.

According to the crash report, Moncrieffe was driving south on Apache at a high rate of speed early on Tuesday. Moncrieffe failed to stop when it came to a dead end just north of the canal, striking the front end of the vehicle against the south bank as it tried to vault across the canal, causing the vehicle to flip over and hit the embankment with its roof, Palm Beach Sheriff office said.

Paramedics declared Adrian Phillip Moncrieffe Jr. dead at the scene of the crash while an 18-year-old passenger in the vehicle sustained serious injuries in the wreck.

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