Ben Frazier Arrested, Why was Ben Frazier Arrested?, All Charges Explained

Ben Frazier Arrested:Why was Ben Frazier Arrested?

A piece of news is coming into the headlines about Ben Fraizer, president of Jacksonville’s Northside Coalition, that he has been handcuffed. Since the news of his arrest broke out, he has been trending nationally. The news has been surfacing on the internet and receiving immense attention from people. Everyone is wondering why he got arrested? Ben Fraizer is also a renowned community leader and activist in Jacksonville, Fla. He has become a topic of discussion now on the internet. People have been searching to know the reason behind his arrest.

On Tuesday morning, the president of Jacksonville’s Northside Coalition, Ben Fraizer was arrested by the police and was taken to a police vehicle after the encounter inside the Duval County Health Department headquarters. It was revealed that the whole incident was recorded on camera by a group of protestors and the journalists who came to attend a press conference conducted by Gov. Ron DeSantis and a group of medical professionals. However, DeSantis and the other panelists were not present in the room during the incident.

Ben Fraizer is a well-known personality in the local community. He is 71 years old. He is a former journalist who is also known as one of the first African-American news anchors of the city. he served for Channel 4 newscast and many other programs. His deep and distinctive voice hit airwaves in the 70s. He was raised up in Jacksonville’s Northside neighborhood. He is the founder of Northside Coalition which he formed in the year 2015. His father was a postman and a Baptist minister, while his mother was a nurse.

In an interview, Ben Fraizer said that his career as a broadcaster was unpuzzled due to drug activity. As a result, he failed in his career, marriage, and was jailed. Since he found a new purpose with the Northside Coalition and local activism. In the last few years, he has been attending frequent public meetings, conducting rallies, and protests, along with other local social justice advocates. Currently, he is also credited to start chanting, “ALLOW TEACHERS TO TEACH THE TRUTH” in Jacksonville at a Florida Board of Education meeting in June. he is not facing charges of a one-degree misdemeanor. He was arrested on Tuesday.

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