Bradley Heil Death – Obituary | Cause of Death

Bradley Heil has passed away after he sustained serious injuries in an accident in Nebraska on Saturday, October 30.

A post made by Heil Harvesting LLC via Facebook reads; “Saturday morning, Brad took a load of corn to the elevator in a farmer’s tandem truck and pup trailer. The brakes on the truck locked up as he was leaving the elevator. Brad was working to fix the problem when the brakes inexplicably released. We don’t know why. The truck duals rolled over his chest and his hips, and the steering tire went over his left leg just below his knee.

Help was on the scene immediately. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital, stabilized and flown to a Level 1 trauma center in Omaha.”

Unfortunately, Bradley succumbed to his injuries early Saturday, November 6.

“Thank you Brad Heil for your friendship, knowledge, and help. You will be greatly missed, and I will think of you every time I climb the ladder of this combine.”

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