Chelsea Paolini Death: People Skills band member, Chelsea Paolini has passed away unexpectedly, Cause of Death

Chelsea Paolini Death – Cause of Death: People Skills band member, Chelsea Paolini has passed away unexpectedly. She is remembered for her infectious laughter and kindness. She was passionate and fun, and an awesome guitar player.

Her cause of death was not disclosed.

The announcement of Chelsea’s death was flooded by heartfelt tributes and condolences. She will surely be missed.

“I will always remember when you hit me up a few years back wanting to do the RPM challenge, to make a whole album in a month and I was excited to say “absolutely let’s do it!!,” Thomas Forbes wrote. “That time we spent was very special to me, and I am honored to have helped manifest this amazing artist’s musical vision into something everlasting.”

“I’m very sad to hear about the loss of the very talented Chelsea Paolini,” Hollis Greene wrote. “She was an Incredibly gifted performer and I’m grateful we were provided a chance many moons back to see her perform at British Beer Company’s Acoustic Lounge which Angelica and I (Hollis) Hosted…”

“Back in Summer 2014, I noticed Lucius was playing Granite State Music Festival in Concord NH. My favorite radio host, Rita Cary, was the EMCEE. One of the acts, People Skills, that caught my ears and my lens was a group of young people… with skills. Fronting the band, singing and rocking the electric guitar, was an enthusiastic and energetic woman, Chelsea Paolini Music. Since 2014, her Instagram account has chronicled her life and has been a source of both laughter and worry, watching her navigate life.” – Hear And There Photography

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