Clyde Bellecourt Death: Native American civil rights organizer dies aged 85, Cause of Death

Clyde Bellecourt Death – Cause of Death: Native American civil rights organizer dies aged 85.

Clyde Bellecourt was a Native American civil rights
organizer, noted for co-founding the American Indian Movement (AIM) in Minneapolis, Minnesota in Bankshas died aged 85 on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, following a courageous battle with cancer.

Bellecourt co-founded (AIM) a Minneapolis organization that fought against police brutality and discrimination against Native Americans with Dennis Banks, Eddie Benton-Banai, and George Mitchell.

Under Bellecourt’s leadership, AIM raised awareness of tribal issues related to the federal government, monitored police harassment in Minneapolis, created welfare programs for urban Indians, and founded Indian ‘survival schools’ in the Twin Cities to teach children life skills and to help them learn their traditional cultures.

He initiated the Trail of Broken Treaties, a long march to Washington, DC in 1972 to serve as a first step to renegotiating federal-tribal nations’ treaties and relations. In addition, he founded non-profit groups to undertake economic development to benefit Native Americans.

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