Deadly Washdyke, Timaru Single Car Crash | Victims involved

UPDATE: Two of the victims of a fatal crash that claimed five young lives in Timaru last night have been identified.

One of the boys was Niko Hill, 15, the Herald has confirmed.

Another was Javarney Drummond, also 15.

The pair died alongside three others when their car lost control and smashed into a power pole about 7.30pm on Saturday, ripping the vehicle in two.

Police have confirmed this morning that five people died in last night’s single-car crash in Washdyke, Timaru.

A sixth person, the driver of the car, was taken to Timaru Hospital last night in a serious condition.

The crash happened just before 7.30pm at the intersection of Seadown Road and Meadows Road in Washdyke Timaru when the car hit a power pole.

Superintendent Steve Greally said the crash was tragic, but frustrating because there were insufficient seats and seatbelts for all the occupants of the car and speed was likely a factor.

“To have five lives lost in an instant is a terrible tragedy, and our thoughts are with their families.

“Particularly in a small community, the impact of a crash like this stretches far, and everyone in the area will be hurting.

“Seatbelts save lives, and it’s evident that not everyone in this car was belted in.”

Timaru mayor Nigel Bowen said it was an absolute tragedy to wake up to.

“It’s really devastating, for the families but also the whole community. We’re making assumptions that these are Timaru people, but even if they’re not it’s hugely sad that this has happened.”

He said the area where the crash occurred was not a hotspot.

We are immensely sad to hear about this tragic incident which was made known through several notices that we came across through the social media on August 7, 2021. Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow, people so special can never be forgotten and will be thinking of you in this moment of pain.

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