Dr. Christopher Foley Death: Anti-Vaccine Doctor dies of COVID-19

Dr. Christopher Foley Death: Anti-Vaccine Doctor who criticized mask-wearing died of COVID-19 complications in October.

Dr. Foley’s son, Logan Foley, confirmed that his death was the result of complications from COVID-19 as against that the Doctor passed away from an “unexpected illness” according to his obituary.

71-year-old Dr. Christopher Foley was trained in internal medicine at the University of Minnesota. He was a physician in Vadnais Heights.

He was also known for speaking against the use of masks on his company website, “For the healthy population, masks outside are basically unnecessary and useless in so far as offering protection for the wearer or anyone around them.”

In one of his blog posts, he promoted Ivermectin as a proven treatment against COVID-19.

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