Dr. Darren Lund Death – Cause of Death

Dr. Darren Lund Death – Cause of Death: Dr. Darren E. Lund has reportedly passed away from prostate cancer.

He was a Professor of Educational Studies in Curriculum and Learning in the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.

“Dr. Darren Lund started Alberta’s first GSA, in Red Deer, when he was a teacher,” Rachel Notley wrote. “He went on to share his vision of equity, inclusion, justice and advocacy with hundreds and hundreds of Alberta teachers. Alberta is a better place for him.”

As a teacher at Lindsay Thurber, Dr. Darren Lund was renowned for his work against prejudice and discrimination and continued with this work at the University of Calgary.

“I took one of his courses as an elective (Social Justice and Activism) at the U of C while doing my Masters degree. Being also from Red Deer, he made a special effort to shake my hand when I crossed the stage at my convocation.”

“Dr. Darren Lund was the guest talking about starting the first GSA in Alberta in Red Deer. He has books on the history of racism in Alberta too. He is so funny! His presentation is something every school teacher should hear.”

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